Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shell I do a shell ceremony...

Quite often we have couples interested in including their guests in the ceremony.  One popular way to do this is a seashell ceremony.


Each guest has been given a small seashell upon arriving.
MINISTER: Before you met, your lives were on different paths with different destinations. But love has brought you together and joined these separate paths into one. Each one of your friends and family here today have been given a small seashell that represents their unique individuality and their presence at your wedding today. You also each have a shell of your own that symbolizes your previous separate lives, separate sets of friends, separate families and the different life’s journeys you once traveled.

 I will now ask that everyone please take out the shell you have been 
given and pause to make a wish or blessing for happiness and 
good will for the couple for the future of their marriage.
Everyone pauses to make their wish.
MINISTER: We will collect the shells by you coming forth and placing your shells into this container and the couple will then add their individual shells to the container as well.
Wedding guests stand up & add shells to the container & return to seats.

 The couple adds their shells to the container.

MINISTER:  With the combining of these shells, you have now symbolically joined your once separate lives. As the shells have been combined with love into one container, so now are your friends and family joined, through you, into one. And your once solitary life’s paths are also now one. All that was once separate is now shared, and in this sharing you both will find new strength and joy as together you forge a new life’s path and destination.

A different kind of vessel...

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